our mission

To offer high-quality but affordable hair products that are guaranteed to give you the kind of confidence you’ve been looking for.

Panache Hair Company is a up-and-coming hair brand that not only provides you with high quality hair products but we’re highly known for our extraordinary customer service. Started by Benita Scott in December 2015, Panache Hair Company is continuously growing in helping women incorporate “Wearing Your Inner Confidence” as a new-found way of life. 

Meet Benita

“Starting Panache Hair Company allowed me to find out who Benita really was, and discover my purpose. I now realize I was put on this Earth to tell my story in order to tell young women just like me to preserve even when you feel like everything in your life is going wrong. You have to keep pushing and moving forward. That’s how you Wear Your Inner Confidence.”

Benita plans to continue to empower and inspire young women to “Wear Your Inner Confidence” through hair, entrepreneurship, and helping women find themselves in order to reach their highest potential in life. Being the owner of Panache Hair Company is only a small glimpse of what to expect in the future from Benita.