Goodmorning Queens! Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was my birthday, and I am beyond blessed to be able to have made it through another year. Of course, yesterday consisted of receiving text messages and phone calls from loved ones and let me tell you… People who I had no idea were watching me so closely let me know they were. I received messages from multiple people expressing how they look up to me, admire my work ethic with being a full-time college student while working a part-time job and running an online business on the side, and loves my spirit and personality. This morning everyone’s comments about myself made me realize that people really do recognize all the hard work I put in and my genuine spirit that I always try to release onto others. Sometimes you need a reminder. Sometimes it’s nice to see yourself from someone else’s point of view. Everyone’s compliments gave me so much gratitude and gave me a little more energy to keep on moving forward.

This month alone has taught me so much about myself. I’ve realized I doubt my own abilities and that cosmetology is really my calling. Since high school, I’ve always been people’s “go-to” person for hair, and I honestly love being able to help others enhance their beauty. I’ve realized that there’s really a lot of people who don’t know about hair and don’t know how to do hair, and people rely on me to be able to help them understand what they don’t know.

Overall today’s blog post was to help you notice that sometimes you have to ease up the pressure on yourself and take time to realize your efforts are making an impact on someone else. Often I get so caught up on what I’m not doing and improvement I need to make that I overlook the enormous amount of progress I’ve already made. But I guess that’s just part of my personality of being a perfectionist and overachiever.

Also, this post was to make you think about what REALLY makes you happy? What do you really enjoy doing? More than likely the answer to your question is what you’re ultimately supposed to be doing. What you enjoy doing the most includes you having much knowledge on that subject and allows you to have the ability to help others.
As you bring the last week of August to a close, remember not to be hard on yourself and reflect on the progress you’ve made recently instead of channeling on areas that still need improvement. You are a work in progress, which means you’ll get there a little at a time. Not all at once.

With Much Love and Confidence,
Owner, Panache Hair Company