Hi Queens!

This week I wanted to have a continuation from my “Hello August” blog that was posted last Wednesday. One day last week while I was at work, something spoke to me and said, “You are not alone.” Many times when we have a lot going on in our lives, we feel like we’re alone. We implant false opinions, like “No one would understand.” or “No one cares enough.” There have been numerous times in life where I’ve had many people around me, but I still felt alone. I felt by myself. In all honesty, this feeling is normal, but we must understand that there is always someone out there who gets it and wants to be there for us. We have to get out of this habit (including myself) of feeling like we’re placing a burden on someone else by coming to them with our problems and fighting battles on our own. That’s what loved ones are for. Your friends and family. Also, we have to realize that other people already have or are currently experiencing the same problems we are going through. Some previous events in life may make us feel like the world is out to get us, or you can’t trust anyone. Despite how hard it may be, you can’t think like that either. You can’t fight your battles alone. Often times that only results in going into depression and sometimes even suicide.

Have you ever realized that when you finally have a heart to heart conversation with someone, and you are able to release all the baggage you’ve been carrying around, that the other person is able to relate? Oh, how comforting it is to hear “Oh yeah, I get it. I’ve been through the same thing before.” or “I’m the exact same way!”. You feel so much better from 2 things… 1) talking things about 2) realizing you’re not the only one who is experiencing whatever life may have thrown your way. Personally, I do a lot of writing in a journal. It allows me to cope with whatever emotions I may be feeling, but without me feeling like I have to rely on someone else (which I HATE doing). In this world we live in, its impossible to not experience low points in our lives. They’re unavoidable. We all have to go through them. It’s how we learn, and it makes us stronger. However, it’s vital we learn how to properly cope with negative forces and stop feeling like we’re alone. There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable. It’s okay not to be okay, but never feel as if you have to maintain this “strong” person mentality.

It’s essential for us to check on our “strong” friends and family. I’m sure multiple times a day we walk and talk to people who may be going through something. We don’t wear labels on our foreheads explaining what we’re going through. Sometimes a simple, “Thinking of you” text/call can brighten someone’s day.

Check on ourselves too. Remember to have “me time” regularly and focus on pinpointing why we’re experiencing what we’re going through and also how can we turn our negatives into positives. Sometimes we can’t see the end of the tunnel, but we must make the situation as positive as possible. This may require extra work on our end, but it can be achieved.

Within this upcoming week, continue to feel empowered. Be confident that everything will work out in your favor. Do things that make you happy. Continue to practice positive affirmations daily. Speak and think positively to attract positive outcomes into your life.

Wear your Inner Confidence! Make yourself believe what you can’t feel right now.

With Much Love and Confidence,

Owner of Panache Hair Company