I want you to conquer this new week, and be the champion that you are. Life throws you many curveballs. You must handle obstacles like a champion or else you will become defeated. Queens don’t get defeated. We “Wear our Inner Confidence” effortlessly and take on what’s ahead of us because we know we’re built for it.

1. Have the right mindset.
Being a champion requires you to believe in yourself when nobody else does. You have to firmly believe you are the best at what you do. Your thoughts determine how you feel and the decisions you choose to make. So its vital to remain positive and optimistic as much as possible. When faced with adversity, you must accept them for what they are. Ultimately challenges in your life are simply setting you up for something better. Also, keep in mind many times it’s not what has happened… its how you respond to it.

2. Stop making excuses.
Excuses are tools of the incompetent. SO NEVER MAKE THEM. Excuses are lies we tell ourselves when we are afraid for the future. Whatever you tell yourself is destined to happen sooner or later. SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE. Don’t allow fear and excuses to hold you back from your dreams because they will keep you in a limited but comfortable place. That’s not where you should want to be in life. You should always be reaching for the stars and striving to reach your fullest potential.

3. Have faith.
Living a life full of faith it MUCH better than living a life in fear. However, you can’t live a life with fear and faith. You have to choose one or the other. However, choosing faith will give you much more satisfaction, which later leads to happiness. Always remember fear is meant to immobilize you, while faith it meant to energize you.

4. Don’t take “no” for an answer.
NEVER GIVE UP! Trials and tribulations will occur in life on many different occasions, but you must never give up. You have to get back up and try again. Those “no” answers will soon convert to a “yes”, but only if you persevere. Your dreams are waiting for you down the road. Go get them!

5. Have the right support system around you.
Behind every champion has a team who helped the winner achieve their goal. Do the people you surround yourself with want to see you win? Your support system is supposed to provide you with insight and experiences to help you on your journey of success. Rally around people who support your dreams and really want to see you achieve them. To be great requires you to surround yourself with great people.

6. Be willing to learn.
Champions constantly strive to learn new information. They are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve. When you are continuously learning, you will be able to better serve yourself and others around you. Everyone isn’t blessed with a natural talent, and some people have to work extra hard to get to where they want to be. That’s perfectly fine. Don’t let your limitations stop you from reaching for what you believe in.
Being a champion also requires confidence. You won’t be able to accomplish the 6 steps above without confidence. Say this positive affirmation aloud 5 times… “I WILL WIN”… When obstacles approach you this week, say that positive affirmation and remember to believe even when things don’t seem to go your way.
Be a champion this week Queens!

With Much Love and Confidence,
Owner of Panache Hair Company