This week for #MOTIVATIONMONDAY I’m speaking on a topic that often gets overshadowed, but it NEEDS to be discussed.
Social Media.
Social media has created jealous behaviors over illusions… YES, ILLUSIONS. Some people have begun to envy others because of lifestyles, relationships, and materialistic things that don’t exist or aren’t what they seem. 

Especially for us women… This has become an important topic for us because we have it the hardest. Social media has created assumptions that we are expected to follow. Things like how we’re supposed to look, what kind of lifestyle you should have, what jobs are acceptable, how relationships are supposed to work, and how we are expected to get and KEEP a significant other. It’s gotten out of control. One person’s success story isn’t going to be ANYONE ELSE’S. Each one of us was wonderfully made to be ourselves. Don’t lose your individuality trying to follow what’s trending or “poppin'” at the moment. Pay attention that I said, “at the moment”. 

  • It’s important to think for yourself. See what your thoughts/views are. Reflect and define who you are, without having someone else do it for you.
  • Stop seeking validation from people who don’t have your best interest at heart. Define who’s really FOR you and wants to see you win. Those are the people you should continue to keep in your circle.
  • DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Who cares what someone else thinks about it. It’s not their life or decision to choose what you do with your life anyway.
  • Become confident in yourself. Be so secure within yourself that whenever a time comes where someone tries to change who you are, a doubt doesn’t even cross your mind. 

Queens, this is how you’re supposed to “Wear Your Inner Confidence” and represent Panache effortlessly. Make it a priority to do just that, and don’t let anything stop you. The world is yours. You just have to go get it, and OWN IT!

Be the Queen you were destined to be. Not the false expectations social media has created.

If you feel like you need a social media break, take one. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat will still be there when you get back. Refocus on what’s important.

With Much Love and Confidence,

Owner/CEO of Panache Hair Company