This week I’m speaking on a touchy subject… FEAR! We’re all guilty of being fearful of something or many things. Fears are nothing but a state of mind. Truth be told, in order to get rid of fear you have to go THROUGH it! Matter of fact, in last week’s email I talked about why Panache came into existence. Talking about my issues with self-esteem through my teenage years was something I never expressed to anyone. It’s something I’ve always kept to myself and tried to give off the persona that I had everything figured out and that everything was fine. But I knew in order to properly connect with my audience I had to show you all that I’m human too. I worried about what people would think, if my delivery would be comprehended correctly and if the people who looked up to me would look at me differently. This was totally out of comfort zone, but I took that leap of faith and I did it! The positive feedback has been very satisfying and motivating. THANK YOU!

Here’s how you become FEARLESS:
Face the truth: Face what scares you directly. Fear is only temporary, regret lasts forever.
Erase negative imprints: Reflect and see where your fears are coming from. Most times they occur from past experiences and hardships.
Allow Change: By nature, people are afraid of change because of the potential for it to interrupt their comfort zone. Understand change must happen in order to experience progression.
Relax: Relax your heart, mind, and soul. Too much stress and anxiety can cause problems. Never overdo it, and remember to take out time for yourself. I always tell my friends, “How do you expect to take care of others, if you aren’t even taking care of yourself.”
Listen to your intuition: Your intuition can help dismiss your fears. Your intuition can sense what’s to come in the future, both good and bad. Listen to it!
End Feuds: Unresolved conflicts with people can cause fear and unnecessary problems in your relationships with others. Be sure to make peace with those around you.
Selectivity: Reflect and select what you want out of life and stick to it until your dreams become a reality.
Security within Yourself: You have to build your confidence and self-esteem within yourself in order to overcome fear. Fear can come from not believing enough in yourself and your abilities. 

I CHALLENGE YOU THIS WEEK! I challenge you to do something that you are afraid of. Do something outside of your comfort zone. It can be something small. I just want you to prove to yourself two things: You can do it and that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it’ll be. 

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Talk to you soon!

Owner/CEO of Panache Hair Company, LLC