Hi Queens! Happy Monday!
I hope your day is going amazing.  This week’s topic is another personal life lesson of mine, that I believe it important to share with others. I’ll start by admitting some truths about myself. I am a workaholic-in-the-making, I don’t handle stress very well, and my brain DOES NOT stop going unless I’m sleep. But I accept that about myself because it’s what makes me unique. However, I also realize that I am not the only one with these kind of problems. Let’s be honest… Life is not easy and nowadays everything is fast paced and easily accessible. This can be beneficial but it can also hurt us because we lose track of what’s REALLY happening within ourselves. We don’t give our mind, body, and soul the attention it deserves. Having so much responsibility that you don’t practice self care is NOT OKAY. It leads to feeling burned out, and could actually lead to health problems. Why create additional issues for yourself if they are easily preventable? Below I have 6 tips on how to RELAX and give yourself time to rejuvenate. 
1. Take a break. Your mind and body gets tired of going into over drive every second the day, and needs time to recharge. It’s okay to temporarily step away from a situation and clear your mind. It gives yourself time to refocus and you’ll feel better afterwards. I promise.
2. Practice breathing techniques. Inhale positivity……. and exhale all those negative thoughts and feelings. Practice this several times until you begin to feel relaxed again.
3. Give yourself a getaway. You don’t have to do anything luxurious but give yourself a change of scenery. Strategically plan yourself a personal off day from work and temporarily remove yourself from stressful circumstances. You can even give yourself a mental giveaway in your own home. Personally, I enjoy being a dark room setting with no noise and just allow my brain to rest. I find it so peaceful and rejuvenating. 
4. Pamper Yourself. It’s summer time! Treat yourself to the nail salon or to the spa. Most nail salons and spa create an experience for you where you have no choice but to relax. Or if you want to do something in your own home, purchase a few bath bombs, set yourself up some candles and soft music and create your own spa experience.
5. Disconnect Yourself. This may the hardest one, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you are a busy person, your phone and computer are probably very busy as well. Try removing yourself from electronics and social media for a short period of time. This can eliminate any outside distractions to give yourself some TLC. If you are unable to turn off your phone, utilize the “Do Not Disturb” setting and only allow calls/texts/notifications from certain people. 
6. Reassess Yourself. Sometimes the problem is from within. Feeling stressed and overwhelming can be caused from us not satisfying our own needs. Evaluate you and yourself and figure out what is making you unhappy and make changes. Sometimes the change needed is so minuscule, that it takes 5 seconds to correct such as giving yourself a 15 minute break everyday, or as large as relocating or finding a new job.
I know these steps can sometimes be easier said than done, but once you start things become easier. Give yourself some TLC this week and see how much better you feel. I know you have 100 other things you could be doing, but you’re important too. 
With Much Love and Confidence,
Owner of Panache Hair Company