I’ve made it one of my objectives to get more connected with my visitors on a more personal level than ever before. A couple weeks ago, I posted a women empowerment video on Panache’s Instagram and Facebook that resulted into 2 ladies commenting and saying how much they “Needed this..” and how the video led them to want to use some of the commentaries for future speeches. This was literally the BEST. FEELING. EVER. It made me feel like the impact I’ve been trying to make finally made an impression of someone. That’s how #MOTIVATIONMONDAY began… Every Monday, I’m making it a priority to send my subscribers a piece of encouragement and motivation to start your week on the right foot every week.

“Bloom where you are planted”… What does that mean to you? I found this quote very intriguing and something that makes you reflect a little. After a little research, I discovered “3 Ways to Bloom Where You’re Planted” and added my own advice and encouragement down below…

  1.  Develop the Right Mentality: The mind is extremely POWERFUL, but you must acknowledge that you have control over your thoughts.
  2. Accept Changes as they Occur: Change is impossible to avoid. Recognize change in a more positive light, and know that change must occur in order to progress. 
  3. Value What You Do Have: You can’t wish for something else if you aren’t even gracious for what already lies in your possession. Count your blessings and understand that your circumstances could be WAY worse.  

In other words, if you’re unhappy with your situationCHANGE IT! You have complete control of your life, and it is up to you how you choose to live it. #YOLO. Don’t take this motto to the extreme and do something drastic, but definitely understand that it’s vital to live life to the fullest in order to reach your fullest potential. 

Make the best out of this new week!

XOXO Queens,
Owner/CEO of Panache Hair Company, LLC