Happy Monday Queens!

You’ve officially entered your 2nd half of the year. Whether we consider the first 6 months to be good or bad, we all have room for improvement. If things could’ve worked out better for you, keep in mind what happened in the first half DOES NOT have to continue in the second half. When searching for an image to relate to today’s topic, I found Paul Bryant’s quote to be absolutely perfect. Even though he is relating his situation to football, it can be applied to life too. I’ve watched many sports games where the losing team came back after halftime and won the game. That can be you too Queen. If those players would’ve given up, they would’ve taken an “L” for the entire game and not just the first half.

Last week, I took my own advice and RELAXED. I relaxed at the beach for 5 days and felt SO rejuvenated on the ride back home. While in the car, I thought about what needed to be done in order for me to WIN in the second half of 2018. Because.. you see… if I can put in the work to win the second half, I’ve won! Why? Because I learned from my mistakes and improved myself. In order to properly prepare to win the second half, I had to do some SELF-REFLECTION. This can be hard because it involves identifying what you could’ve done better. However, I consider it to be the most important step. Take some time to think about what you could’ve done better, what goals you failed to accomplish, and what you want to work harder in. Next, you must PLAN. Take what you assessed from the first half of the year, and take the necessary steps to prevent the earlier mistakes from occurring again.  Lastly, TAKE ACTION. You can self-reflect and plan all you want too, but if you’re not putting them into action those two steps are pointless. Working is how you become a champion and win. That’s what you ultimately are trying to do. WIN!

Take everything one step/day at a time, and remember to make changes along the way. What you assume will work doesn’t always happen to work out that way and you’ll have to readjust. Eventually, you’ll get it right. Just keep self-reflecting, planning, and taking action for the 2nd half of 2018. Be a winner of 2018 Queen! Defeat this year, and don’t let the year defeat you.

As always remember to stay encouraged through this journey called life.

With Much Love and Confidence,
Owner of Panache Hair Company