Originally I had a list of potential topics to discuss for #MOTIVATIONMONDAY but I just wasn’t feeling it this week. The quote “trust the process” is what has gotten me through some negative moments. This week was one of those moments. I felt it was only right to speak on this topic for 2 reasons… I believe it could be therapeutic for myself and also could help someone else who may be wrestling with the same issue. 
Waiting for your dreams to become reality can be rough. It can cause discouragement, frustration, hurt, and can push you to the point where you want to give up. I’ve had this occur to be more times than I can even remember. September 2017, Panache Hair Company ALMOST became a thing of the past. I felt like so many obstacles were getting in the way that possibly this wasn’t meant for me. Maybe I was supposed to be working a 9-5 job. Maybe my dreams and the vision I had created for myself were too big for me to achieve. Maybe I was too young and inexperienced. Running a business is something people typically don’t do until after they have a college degree and have worked for a corporation. During this down point, I really took time to discover myself, my purpose, spoke with entrepreneurs, and I changed my mindset. 
I’ve learned to “Hold the vision, and trust the process”, and that I am right where I am supposed to be in life. Ultimately, you will ALWAYS end up where you need to be and what is meant for you will ALWAYS be for you. A phrase I’ve learned from my pastor is to “Remain focused, Stay in your lane, and keep driving.” Just do the work, focus on yourself, and the results will handle themselves. 
Reflecting on when I first started this company, I’ve seen growth personally and professionally. Honestly, that’s what matters most. I’m doing AMAZING for my age, and this is only a glimpse of the future. 
Focus on the positive, and how far you’ve come. Reflect what you’ve learned and discovered along the way. It’s only preparing you for your what’s to come. 
Stay Encouraged Queens and having a FABULOUS week!

With Much Love and Confidence, 

Owner of Panache Hair Company