Have you ever felt like there was something greater out there for you, but the process it took to get there scared you? Have you ever talked yourself out of something or compared yourself to someone else and felt that you could never be on their level? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ve allowed your fear to overpower you and that is something we as Queens DO NOT ALLOW under any circumstances.

There’s a reason I use the term “overpower” instead of “overcome”. The definition of “power” is to “have possession of control or authority” of something or someone. I decided to have authority over fear, where it can no longer have control over me. The word “overcome” means to succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty, but has the ability to come back. It can be temporary. With “power” no matter how many times it comes back you always have the authority to “overpower” it.

If you’ve read my previous blog posts, you would know that this year has probably been the most challenging years I’ve had in a long time. So much has changed without a warning and being able to process everything that has happened. However, this year pushed me to a level of discomfort that I had no choice but continue to move forward. This year was my time to grow, and while growing I had to experience pain. I had to lose… alot. For months I never understood why everything was happening the way it was, and if anything I just knew I was ready for it to all be over. There were days I felt good, and there were days I felt like that the world was on my shoulders. But through all the adversity I’ve faced this year, I learned to overpower fear because I had no other choice. What I was use to was no longer working, and it was now time to navigate my way through the wilderness and figure out what was next for me. One thing I’ve learned anytime a door closes or something doesn’t work out, it’s because something greater is coming.

One of the first things you have to do to overpower fear is to realize your worth. Fear attacks parts of us that are still developing and can be considered our “not so strong areas”, however you have to look at everything from the bigger picture. You were born with strengths and talents. Some people have more than others, however the hand you were given is just enough for you to achieve greatness.

After you recognize your value, you begin to think and move differently. You no longer allow your limitations to limit you, and the things you start to believe in begin to manifest. What you use to doubt yourself about will no longer be able to keep you in bondage. You’ll see yourself doing and achieving things that just a few months ago you only could think about.  Now that’s what Queens do! Queens have Panache. Queens are confident. We do things that will make others admire us and overcome obstacles that others are still struggling with.

You’re a Queen. Don’t allow fear to overpower you. You overpower it. That’s how you “Wear Your Inner Confidence”.