Hi Queens!

It’s Hump Day! It’s August! It’s a start of a new month! We’ve made it through one half of the year already!

Today isn’t Monday obviously, so this is no #MotivationalMonday but I want to have some “real” talk today. I’ll begin by releasing some truths. This summer has been really challenging for me. Life of an entrepreneur isn’t all what it’s represented to be on social media these days. Entrepreneurs have low points too. However, because of our platform we are required to “keep grinding” and wear a smile everyday (even if it’s fake) because it’s our job and how we make our money. This summer I experienced being in a car accident on the interstate, which resulted in my car being totaled. 3 days after my accident, my MacBook stopped working. Nowadays, our phones and computer hold EVERYTHING! I had completely lost all my business and school files. So within a blink of an eye, I had no car or computer. Aside from that, I had to begin a part-time job because let’s be honest in entrepreneurship some months are better than others financially. I must say, when you are entrepreneurial minded and having to work for someone else, that can be very tough mentally because you know you are capable of so much more. But sometimes, you have to ride the wave until it’s your time to shine. So with all this being said, my life had basically somewhat done a 360 on me, and it has been a lot of take in at one time. I’ve had a lot of “low days” and even once again questioned my dreams. Many times while writing #MotivationalMonday blogs, I was secretly trying to encourage myself. I was trying to change my mindset to thinking like a champion, knowing quitting isn’t an option, trusting the process, and resetting my life. Through all of this, there were some days where I felt like “How am I going to motivate others, when I’m not even motivated myself?” and is the reason why I took a small mental break to refocus. BUT I’M BACK! This post is to encourage anyone going through a rough season, to keep pushing even when you don’t feel like it. To explain to everyone, that entrepreneurs go through things too. I’ve always been that friend that’s been known as keeping my life “under the radar” because I hate the feeling of being a burden to someone else. Everyone has their own problems they’re trying to deal with. I’ve tried to maintain this persona to only show the “good”, which makes outsiders feel like I don’t go through things in life. But I do. We all do. Sometimes I feel embarrassed because I feel like I dropped the ball again, but the other day I had to tell myself, “Benita, you are human. As long as you pick yourself back up, you have still won.” I no longer want to feel defeated, and overwhelmed with the series of unfortunate events I’ve experienced recently. It’s a process, but I’m working towards turning my negatives into positives, and keeping my eye on the prize. I am a Queen, and you are too!

(Whew! This was so therapeutic for me.)

I hope you conquer the month of August. You are the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the first and not the last. You are a CONQUEROR! You are a WINNER!

With much love, confidence, and REJUVENTATION!


Owner of Panache Hair Company