Confused on what to purchase? It’s okay! I’m here to help.

Purchasing hair extensions can be a bit overwhelming due to having so many options to choose from, and for some, you don’t even know where to start! That’s okay. I’m here to bring clarity.

What’s the difference between Malaysian and Brazilian Hair?
Not much honestly, but there are a few differences. Malaysian hair is a more cost-effective option but you will still receive high-quality extensions. You receive more “bang for your buck”. Malaysian Hair Extensions continues to remain our top seller since we first introduced it to our product line. However, if you’re looking to purchase deep wave/curly hair or extensions past 24″ you should consider the Brazilian Hair Extensions. Both, Malaysian and Brazilian hair extensions should last you up to a year or more WITH PROPER CARE (I cannot stress that enough). Not sure how to take care of your hair extensions refer to our “10 Tips to Virgin Hair Extensions Longevity”
Remember you will need 2 (maybe 3 depending on preference) bundles for shorter lengths (12″-16″) and 3-4 bundles for longer lengths (18″-28″)

Below are the hair extensions textures available.

I don’t want any of my natural hair left out… should I purchase a closure or frontal?

If you are a beginner to wearing lace closures/frontals, PLEASE go with a closure until you gain expertise on how to take care of it and THEN upgrade to a frontal unless you plan on living in a hair salon. Lol. Closures and frontals both require maintenance as your natural hair grows over time, but frontals require MUCH more TLC than closures do. Also, please make sure you go to a stylist who will take care of your extensions and your natural hair. If you are in the Atlanta area, I’ll be more than happy to give recommendations.

WARNING: Closures and frontals require gentleness during styling and day-to-day maintenance. They are made with human hair that is individually tied BY HAND onto a lace base. Therefore, over time they are going to shed and bald and is why so many hair professionals ask that you refrain from excessive brushing, combing and pulling to increase the longevity of the closure.

Should I get a lace frontal wig or full lace wig?
If you are wanting versatility and hairstyles that require excessive parting (cornrows, ponytails, etc.) then you’ll definitely need to go the full lace wig route. If you are only wanting to do a middle/side part than a lace frontal wig will work just fine, and will save you almost $100! Also, be mindful that full lace wigs are FULLY lace, and are constructed and tied by hand. Remember to be gentle with your wigs to ensure the longevity of them.

xoxo Queens, 

Owner/CEO of Panache Hair Company