• MotivationWednesday: Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

    Goodmorning Queens! Happy Wednesday!

    Yesterday was my birthday, and I am beyond blessed to be able to have made it through another year. Of course, yesterday consisted of receiving text messages and phone calls from loved ones and let me tell you… People who I had no idea were watching me so closely let me know they were. I received messages from multiple people expressing how they look up to me, admire my work ethic with being a full-time college student while working a part-time job and running an online business on the side, and loves my spirit and personality. This morning everyone’s comments about myself made me realize that people really do recognize all the hard work I put in and my genuine spirit that I always try to release onto others. Sometimes you need a reminder. Sometimes it’s nice to see yourself from someone else’s point of view. Everyone’s compliments gave me so much gratitude and gave me a little more energy to keep on moving forward.

    This month alone has taught me so much about myself. I’ve realized I doubt my own abilities and that cosmetology is really my calling. Since high school, I’ve always been people’s “go-to” person for hair, and I honestly love being able to help others enhance their beauty. I’ve realized that there’s really a lot of people who don’t know about hair and don’t know how to do hair, and people rely on me to be able to help them understand what they don’t know.

    Overall today’s blog post was to help you notice that sometimes you have to ease up the pressure on yourself and take time to realize your efforts are making an impact on someone else. Often I get so caught up on what I’m not doing and improvement I need to make that I overlook the enormous amount of progress I’ve already made. But I guess that’s just part of my personality of being a perfectionist and overachiever.

    Also, this post was to make you think about what REALLY makes you happy? What do you really enjoy doing? More than likely the answer to your question is what you’re ultimately supposed to be doing. What you enjoy doing the most includes you having much knowledge on that subject and allows you to have the ability to help others.
    As you bring the last week of August to a close, remember not to be hard on yourself and reflect on the progress you’ve made recently instead of channeling on areas that still need improvement. You are a work in progress, which means you’ll get there a little at a time. Not all at once.

    With Much Love and Confidence,
    Owner, Panache Hair Company


  • #MotivationMonday: Count your blessings, not your troubles

    Hi Queens! Happy Monday!

    Today marks the first day of my senior year in college. We all know that entering your last year of school means you’re beginning to prepare yourself for the next chapter of your life. For myself, this includes moving out of college housing, registering for cosmetology school and finding a new place to call home. Although this may be viewed as a stressful process, this is also a very critical learning experience. In my “Hello August” blog I spoke about getting in a car accident that resulted in my car being totaled and accepting the fact that my life was making some pretty drastic changes in such a short period of time. Yes, it was a lot to take in and process at one time, but this process was also something I needed to encounter to grow for my new season I’ll soon be entering into. If these recent events would’ve taken place after I had already moved out and graduated my reaction might’ve been much worse. Many times valleys in our lives are just trials we are required to pass. These tests are preparing us for a new season. However, some seasons require a new level of growth from us individually. You can think of it as “growing pains.” Technically, growing pains are neuralgic pains children experience while growing up. Applying this concept to life lessons, we have to go through painful periods to continue to develop into the person we are meant to be.

    Sometimes when going through a difficult season, you have to think about the bigger picture. Where are you trying to go in life? What could this season be preparing you for? Are you passing your test to receive your next blessing? Everything happens in steps. Our entire lives’ we’ll continuously be climbing a ladder trying to fulfill our dreams and goals. Trust the process. Know that whatever you are going through is just a hands-on classroom activity that the teacher is expecting you to pass so you move on to the next level.

    “Count your blessings and not your troubles.” I’m pretty sure you have many more blessings than troubles, and always know that trouble doesn’t last forever.

    Stay motivated this week Queens! The best is yet to come!

    And most importantly, don’t forget to “Wear Your Inner Confidence” all day, every day!

    With much Love and Confidence,
    Owner, Panache Hair Company

  • #MOTIVATIONMONDAY: You’re Not Alone

    Hi Queens!

    This week I wanted to have a continuation from my “Hello August” blog that was posted last Wednesday. One day last week while I was at work, something spoke to me and said, “You are not alone.” Many times when we have a lot going on in our lives, we feel like we’re alone. We implant false opinions, like “No one would understand.” or “No one cares enough.” There have been numerous times in life where I’ve had many people around me, but I still felt alone. I felt by myself. In all honesty, this feeling is normal, but we must understand that there is always someone out there who gets it and wants to be there for us. We have to get out of this habit (including myself) of feeling like we’re placing a burden on someone else by coming to them with our problems and fighting battles on our own. That’s what loved ones are for. Your friends and family. Also, we have to realize that other people already have or are currently experiencing the same problems we are going through. Some previous events in life may make us feel like the world is out to get us, or you can’t trust anyone. Despite how hard it may be, you can’t think like that either. You can’t fight your battles alone. Often times that only results in going into depression and sometimes even suicide.

    Have you ever realized that when you finally have a heart to heart conversation with someone, and you are able to release all the baggage you’ve been carrying around, that the other person is able to relate? Oh, how comforting it is to hear “Oh yeah, I get it. I’ve been through the same thing before.” or “I’m the exact same way!”. You feel so much better from 2 things… 1) talking things about 2) realizing you’re not the only one who is experiencing whatever life may have thrown your way. Personally, I do a lot of writing in a journal. It allows me to cope with whatever emotions I may be feeling, but without me feeling like I have to rely on someone else (which I HATE doing). In this world we live in, its impossible to not experience low points in our lives. They’re unavoidable. We all have to go through them. It’s how we learn, and it makes us stronger. However, it’s vital we learn how to properly cope with negative forces and stop feeling like we’re alone. There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable. It’s okay not to be okay, but never feel as if you have to maintain this “strong” person mentality.

    It’s essential for us to check on our “strong” friends and family. I’m sure multiple times a day we walk and talk to people who may be going through something. We don’t wear labels on our foreheads explaining what we’re going through. Sometimes a simple, “Thinking of you” text/call can brighten someone’s day.

    Check on ourselves too. Remember to have “me time” regularly and focus on pinpointing why we’re experiencing what we’re going through and also how can we turn our negatives into positives. Sometimes we can’t see the end of the tunnel, but we must make the situation as positive as possible. This may require extra work on our end, but it can be achieved.

    Within this upcoming week, continue to feel empowered. Be confident that everything will work out in your favor. Do things that make you happy. Continue to practice positive affirmations daily. Speak and think positively to attract positive outcomes into your life.

    Wear your Inner Confidence! Make yourself believe what you can’t feel right now.

    With Much Love and Confidence,

    Owner of Panache Hair Company

  • #MOTIVATIONMONDAY: The Law of Attraction

    Hi Queens! Happy Monday!

    You may or may not have heard of the term “Law of Attraction.” If you haven’t its definitely something you should become familiar with because your life could drastically change from implementing it.

    Law of Attraction: the ability to attract things we want in life.
    In other words, when you think and speak positivity in your life, that’s what you’ll receive and vice versa. Your thoughts and the things you speak subconsciously affect your actions. How crazy is it that we’re able to control the things we want and receive in life? Many of us are still blind to what we are really capable of achieving, but that can stop today. 

    I’ve personally been practicing this concept for the month of July, and have seen a major change in my attitude and has caused me to have better days. Last month was very stressful for me, and I knew in July I needed to begin practicing ways to handle stress, and this has helped tremendously. 

    Thanks to lawofattraction.com, I was able to find ways the law of attraction is able to help you enhance your life.

    1. Power of Positive Thoughts: Until you understand how much your thoughts affect your life, you’ll never be able to move forward. You’ll be surprised how powerful one thought could hold you back from doing something you are destined to do. Turn those negative thoughts, into something positive. Say “I can” instead of “I can’t.” Maybe you’re having a bad hair day and don’t feel like you’re not going to have the best day. (You know how serious hair is to us women. Lol.) Change your thinking from “Today is going to be a bad day.” to “Today is going to be a prosperous day, even with my hair looking a mess because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” It may sound corny, but it works!
    2. Trusting Your Instincts: Refrain from overthinking and trust your intuition. Overthinking leads to more negative thinking and self-doubt. There are many times we know the right answer, but we overthink things and cause problems that never existed. There’s no need to add unnecessary stress to our lives. Listen and do what you FEEL is right, not what you THINK is right.
    3. Shifting Your Focus: Did you know you attract things that you think and talk about the most? If you think and talk about things that aren’t bettering yourself and your life, it’s time to re-evaluate and remove it. It’s not doing you any good, and could possibly be hindering you from what has been promised just for you. Turn your focus to things that are more positive and leads you to feel satisfied with life. Complaining about your job, or love life can cause you to attract that bad energy into your life. No more complaining sis, shift your focus elsewhere.
    4. Law of Attraction Can Transform Your Beliefs of Success: Before today you may have thought that only privileged people can reach success. However once you figure out that you attract what you believe, you’ll realize you are also prone to success despite where you come from.
    5. Wallowing Is A Thing of The Past: Instead of wasting time feeling sorry for yourself and not forgiving yourself for things in the past, spend your time working towards creating a better future for yourself. Decide to participate in activities that make you happy.
    6. Visualization Improve Physical Performance: Many successful athletes spend their time doing creative visualizations that can positively affect their physical abilities. It’s been proven that champion athletes that picture themselves winning end up having better results. Create a vision board for yourself digitally (Pinterest) or the traditional way with a poster board, pictures, and markers.
    7. Relaxation: Spending just a few minutes out of your day meditating and thinking about where you want to go in life can be so beneficial for you. I’ve mentioned it in a previous blog post but that the importance of finding time to relax is enormous. You never know how much you can gain from doing something so small.
    8. You Have Control Over Your Relationships: A negative mentality attracts poor relationships with others. This may be a hard pill to swallow, but if you are having a hard time maintaining relationships, you may have something to do with it. Work toward changing your mindset and attitude to be able to attract more healthy, long-lasting relationships. You deserve them, Queen!

    Now I know this was a lot to take in early this morning, but now its time to self-reflect. Are your thoughts and things you continuously speak aloud positive? Making this small change in your life can create something useful. You can start RIGHT NOW. We are all looking for ways to have a better life.

    This week I challenge you to participate in the “NO COMPLAINING CHALLENGE”. You are required to refrain from complaining about anything for 7 days. This also includes holding back from negative thoughts that you come across and transforming them into positive thoughts.
    You can do it!

    Talk to you soon!

    xoxo Queens,
    Owner of Panache Hair Company



    Happy Monday Queens!

    You’ve officially entered your 2nd half of the year. Whether we consider the first 6 months to be good or bad, we all have room for improvement. If things could’ve worked out better for you, keep in mind what happened in the first half DOES NOT have to continue in the second half. When searching for an image to relate to today’s topic, I found Paul Bryant’s quote to be absolutely perfect. Even though he is relating his situation to football, it can be applied to life too. I’ve watched many sports games where the losing team came back after halftime and won the game. That can be you too Queen. If those players would’ve given up, they would’ve taken an “L” for the entire game and not just the first half.

    Last week, I took my own advice and RELAXED. I relaxed at the beach for 5 days and felt SO rejuvenated on the ride back home. While in the car, I thought about what needed to be done in order for me to WIN in the second half of 2018. Because.. you see… if I can put in the work to win the second half, I’ve won! Why? Because I learned from my mistakes and improved myself. In order to properly prepare to win the second half, I had to do some SELF-REFLECTION. This can be hard because it involves identifying what you could’ve done better. However, I consider it to be the most important step. Take some time to think about what you could’ve done better, what goals you failed to accomplish, and what you want to work harder in. Next, you must PLAN. Take what you assessed from the first half of the year, and take the necessary steps to prevent the earlier mistakes from occurring again.  Lastly, TAKE ACTION. You can self-reflect and plan all you want too, but if you’re not putting them into action those two steps are pointless. Working is how you become a champion and win. That’s what you ultimately are trying to do. WIN!

    Take everything one step/day at a time, and remember to make changes along the way. What you assume will work doesn’t always happen to work out that way and you’ll have to readjust. Eventually, you’ll get it right. Just keep self-reflecting, planning, and taking action for the 2nd half of 2018. Be a winner of 2018 Queen! Defeat this year, and don’t let the year defeat you.

    As always remember to stay encouraged through this journey called life.

    With Much Love and Confidence,
    Owner of Panache Hair Company


  • #MOTIVATIONMONDAY: The Mindset of A Champion

    I want you to conquer this new week, and be the champion that you are. Life throws you many curveballs. You must handle obstacles like a champion or else you will become defeated. Queens don’t get defeated. We “Wear our Inner Confidence” effortlessly and take on what’s ahead of us because we know we’re built for it.

    1. Have the right mindset.
    Being a champion requires you to believe in yourself when nobody else does. You have to firmly believe you are the best at what you do. Your thoughts determine how you feel and the decisions you choose to make. So its vital to remain positive and optimistic as much as possible. When faced with adversity, you must accept them for what they are. Ultimately challenges in your life are simply setting you up for something better. Also, keep in mind many times it’s not what has happened… its how you respond to it.

    2. Stop making excuses.
    Excuses are tools of the incompetent. SO NEVER MAKE THEM. Excuses are lies we tell ourselves when we are afraid for the future. Whatever you tell yourself is destined to happen sooner or later. SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE. Don’t allow fear and excuses to hold you back from your dreams because they will keep you in a limited but comfortable place. That’s not where you should want to be in life. You should always be reaching for the stars and striving to reach your fullest potential.

    3. Have faith.
    Living a life full of faith it MUCH better than living a life in fear. However, you can’t live a life with fear and faith. You have to choose one or the other. However, choosing faith will give you much more satisfaction, which later leads to happiness. Always remember fear is meant to immobilize you, while faith it meant to energize you.

    4. Don’t take “no” for an answer.
    NEVER GIVE UP! Trials and tribulations will occur in life on many different occasions, but you must never give up. You have to get back up and try again. Those “no” answers will soon convert to a “yes”, but only if you persevere. Your dreams are waiting for you down the road. Go get them!

    5. Have the right support system around you.
    Behind every champion has a team who helped the winner achieve their goal. Do the people you surround yourself with want to see you win? Your support system is supposed to provide you with insight and experiences to help you on your journey of success. Rally around people who support your dreams and really want to see you achieve them. To be great requires you to surround yourself with great people.

    6. Be willing to learn.
    Champions constantly strive to learn new information. They are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve. When you are continuously learning, you will be able to better serve yourself and others around you. Everyone isn’t blessed with a natural talent, and some people have to work extra hard to get to where they want to be. That’s perfectly fine. Don’t let your limitations stop you from reaching for what you believe in.
    Being a champion also requires confidence. You won’t be able to accomplish the 6 steps above without confidence. Say this positive affirmation aloud 5 times… “I WILL WIN”… When obstacles approach you this week, say that positive affirmation and remember to believe even when things don’t seem to go your way.
    Be a champion this week Queens!

    With Much Love and Confidence,
    Owner of Panache Hair Company


    Hi Queens! Happy Monday!
    I hope your day is going amazing.  This week’s topic is another personal life lesson of mine, that I believe it important to share with others. I’ll start by admitting some truths about myself. I am a workaholic-in-the-making, I don’t handle stress very well, and my brain DOES NOT stop going unless I’m sleep. But I accept that about myself because it’s what makes me unique. However, I also realize that I am not the only one with these kind of problems. Let’s be honest… Life is not easy and nowadays everything is fast paced and easily accessible. This can be beneficial but it can also hurt us because we lose track of what’s REALLY happening within ourselves. We don’t give our mind, body, and soul the attention it deserves. Having so much responsibility that you don’t practice self care is NOT OKAY. It leads to feeling burned out, and could actually lead to health problems. Why create additional issues for yourself if they are easily preventable? Below I have 6 tips on how to RELAX and give yourself time to rejuvenate. 
    1. Take a break. Your mind and body gets tired of going into over drive every second the day, and needs time to recharge. It’s okay to temporarily step away from a situation and clear your mind. It gives yourself time to refocus and you’ll feel better afterwards. I promise.
    2. Practice breathing techniques. Inhale positivity……. and exhale all those negative thoughts and feelings. Practice this several times until you begin to feel relaxed again.
    3. Give yourself a getaway. You don’t have to do anything luxurious but give yourself a change of scenery. Strategically plan yourself a personal off day from work and temporarily remove yourself from stressful circumstances. You can even give yourself a mental giveaway in your own home. Personally, I enjoy being a dark room setting with no noise and just allow my brain to rest. I find it so peaceful and rejuvenating. 
    4. Pamper Yourself. It’s summer time! Treat yourself to the nail salon or to the spa. Most nail salons and spa create an experience for you where you have no choice but to relax. Or if you want to do something in your own home, purchase a few bath bombs, set yourself up some candles and soft music and create your own spa experience.
    5. Disconnect Yourself. This may the hardest one, but sometimes it’s necessary. If you are a busy person, your phone and computer are probably very busy as well. Try removing yourself from electronics and social media for a short period of time. This can eliminate any outside distractions to give yourself some TLC. If you are unable to turn off your phone, utilize the “Do Not Disturb” setting and only allow calls/texts/notifications from certain people. 
    6. Reassess Yourself. Sometimes the problem is from within. Feeling stressed and overwhelming can be caused from us not satisfying our own needs. Evaluate you and yourself and figure out what is making you unhappy and make changes. Sometimes the change needed is so minuscule, that it takes 5 seconds to correct such as giving yourself a 15 minute break everyday, or as large as relocating or finding a new job.
    I know these steps can sometimes be easier said than done, but once you start things become easier. Give yourself some TLC this week and see how much better you feel. I know you have 100 other things you could be doing, but you’re important too. 
    With Much Love and Confidence,
    Owner of Panache Hair Company

  • #MOTIVATIONMONDAY: Quitting Is Not An Option!

    Happy Monday! I hope you decided to wake up this morning with a rejuvenated mind and spirit because today is a new day and most importantly IT’S A NEW WEEK! You may be fighting some battles in your life right now, but it’s important for you to understand that QUITTING IS A NOT OPTION! I want you to wake up this morning and erase all those negative thoughts and emotions. Stop worrying about things that are simply out of your control. Forgive yourself and release any strongholds from your past that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential. Instead wake up, smile, and confidently speak these positive affirmations over yourself and your life. 


    2. I CAN DO THIS!









    1. If you didn’t recite those confidently, start back over with #1. Your mindset and what you believe dictates how everything else will flow. 

    I want you to begin this week knowing that quitting is not your best available option. When a Queen, like you, has so much to offer sometimes you need a little reminder that the best things comes to those who wait. Remove those feelings that “Maybe it wasn’t meant for me” and replace it with “It’s coming, its just been delayed.” THINK ABOUT IT THIS WAY: You arrive to the Atlanta airport for a flight to Bora Bora for a much deserved vacation. Originally your flight was supposed to depart at 7:20AM, however there’s bad weather in Atlanta and your flight has been delayed. You watch the local news station and the meteorologist says the storm should be over in about 45 minutes, and you realize the airline has scheduled your flight to depart at 8:15AM. Bad weather doesn’t last forever. It may last a couple minutes, hours, days, but it’ll pass. You’ll soon be to your definition of paradise, with your feet kicked up, living your best life.

    That’s how life works. Things may not be the way you imagine them to be for yourself right now, but your time is coming. Just keep holdin’ on my sista!

    With Much Love and Confidence,
    Owner of Panache Hair Company 

  • #MONDAYMOTIVATION: Trust the Process


    Originally I had a list of potential topics to discuss for #MOTIVATIONMONDAY but I just wasn’t feeling it this week. The quote “trust the process” is what has gotten me through some negative moments. This week was one of those moments. I felt it was only right to speak on this topic for 2 reasons… I believe it could be therapeutic for myself and also could help someone else who may be wrestling with the same issue. 
    Waiting for your dreams to become reality can be rough. It can cause discouragement, frustration, hurt, and can push you to the point where you want to give up. I’ve had this occur to be more times than I can even remember. September 2017, Panache Hair Company ALMOST became a thing of the past. I felt like so many obstacles were getting in the way that possibly this wasn’t meant for me. Maybe I was supposed to be working a 9-5 job. Maybe my dreams and the vision I had created for myself were too big for me to achieve. Maybe I was too young and inexperienced. Running a business is something people typically don’t do until after they have a college degree and have worked for a corporation. During this down point, I really took time to discover myself, my purpose, spoke with entrepreneurs, and I changed my mindset. 
    I’ve learned to “Hold the vision, and trust the process”, and that I am right where I am supposed to be in life. Ultimately, you will ALWAYS end up where you need to be and what is meant for you will ALWAYS be for you. A phrase I’ve learned from my pastor is to “Remain focused, Stay in your lane, and keep driving.” Just do the work, focus on yourself, and the results will handle themselves. 
    Reflecting on when I first started this company, I’ve seen growth personally and professionally. Honestly, that’s what matters most. I’m doing AMAZING for my age, and this is only a glimpse of the future. 
    Focus on the positive, and how far you’ve come. Reflect what you’ve learned and discovered along the way. It’s only preparing you for your what’s to come. 
    Stay Encouraged Queens and having a FABULOUS week!

    With Much Love and Confidence, 

    Owner of Panache Hair Company

  • #MOTIVATIONMONDAY: Bloom Where You’re Planted

    I’ve made it one of my objectives to get more connected with my visitors on a more personal level than ever before. A couple weeks ago, I posted a women empowerment video on Panache’s Instagram and Facebook that resulted into 2 ladies commenting and saying how much they “Needed this..” and how the video led them to want to use some of the commentaries for future speeches. This was literally the BEST. FEELING. EVER. It made me feel like the impact I’ve been trying to make finally made an impression of someone. That’s how #MOTIVATIONMONDAY began… Every Monday, I’m making it a priority to send my subscribers a piece of encouragement and motivation to start your week on the right foot every week.

    “Bloom where you are planted”… What does that mean to you? I found this quote very intriguing and something that makes you reflect a little. After a little research, I discovered “3 Ways to Bloom Where You’re Planted” and added my own advice and encouragement down below…

    1.  Develop the Right Mentality: The mind is extremely POWERFUL, but you must acknowledge that you have control over your thoughts.
    2. Accept Changes as they Occur: Change is impossible to avoid. Recognize change in a more positive light, and know that change must occur in order to progress. 
    3. Value What You Do Have: You can’t wish for something else if you aren’t even gracious for what already lies in your possession. Count your blessings and understand that your circumstances could be WAY worse.  

    In other words, if you’re unhappy with your situationCHANGE IT! You have complete control of your life, and it is up to you how you choose to live it. #YOLO. Don’t take this motto to the extreme and do something drastic, but definitely understand that it’s vital to live life to the fullest in order to reach your fullest potential. 

    Make the best out of this new week!

    XOXO Queens,
    Owner/CEO of Panache Hair Company, LLC